Video Tutorial Schedule

Tyler, a learning site for Wordpress.
This site has a learning video series with a complete 29 episodes. The entire course is about 1:30 minutes and I learned a lot going through this. We'll review a lot of these videos.
All of the text below in this table of contents is from Tyler's website.

    Week One

  • #1 Introduction
    Learn from this course how to make a WordPress website step by step with no step skipped. This course is divided in 29 different sections to make it easy to follow along. I hope you love it as much as I do.
  • #3 Install WordPress
    Learn how to install WordPress the easy way. We are going to be installing WordPress with QuickInstall. Our process is similar, but not quite like this one. But this is worth looking at anyway.
  • #4 Login In To WordPress
    Learn how to sign in to WordPress into the dashboard.
  • #5 Change Your Password.
    Learn how to change your WordPress password.

    Week Two

  • #6 Reset WordPress Back To Default
    Learn how to reset WordPress back to the default so that nothing conflicts with each other and you can start off clean.
  • #7 Delete WordPress Plugins
    Uninstall all unwanted plugins so that you are starting your website clean.
  • #8 Edit Your WordPress Permalinks
    Permalinks are the way your WordPress website displays your links. So instead of having it as you can change it to
  • #9 Install WordPress Updates
    Learn how to install WordPress updates to keep your WordPress website secure and have all the latest features.
  • #10 Install a WordPress Theme
    Learn how to install a WordPress theme. There are 1000’s of themes to choose from but my tutorial us based off of oceanwp. So please follow along with the theme I choose.
  • #11 Delete WordPress Pages
    Learn how to delete WordPress pages. In this tutorial we are going to delete the WordPress sample page. It’s super easy.

    Week Three

  • #12 Add Pages In WordPress
    Learn how to add pages to WordPress. Add pages like you home, about, services and contact pages.
  • #13 Create Your WordPress Navigation
    Learn how to create navigation in WordPress. Do things like add pages, change the color and add buttons.
  • #14 Create Your Title & Tagline in WordPress
    Learn how to create a title and tagline in WordPress so that you can tell your visitors and the search engines what you website is all about.
  • #15 Setup WordPress Homepage
    Learn how to setup your homepage so that the page that you made called “home” is the actual homepage. You have to make your homepage a static page instead of a blog.

    Week Four

  • #16 Install Elementor Page Builder
    Learn how to install the elementor plugin, the worlds best page builder. Elementor makes it easy to create advanced WordPress pages that looks amazing.
  • #17 Change Fonts using Elementor and OceanWP
    Learn how to make your WordPress website perfect and change the fonts just how you like them using elementor and the OceanWP theme. We will use google fonts which has over 600 fonts to choose from.
  • #19 Create Your WordPress Home Page
    Learn how to create your WordPress home page in Elementor using the OceanWP theme. This is by far the best way to create a website using the latest technology.

    Week Five

  • #20 Responsive Website
    Make your website mobile friendly and responsive in WordPress. We are using the elementor plugin with OceanWP theme. The best combo in the world so far. This will work on desktops, phones, tablets etc.
  • #21 Create About Page
    Learn how to create your about page in WordPress using the elementor page builder and OceanWP theme.
  • #22 Create Our Work Page
    Learn how to create the our work page in WordPress using the elementor plugin and OceanWP theme.
  • #23 Create a Services Page
    Learn how to create your services page in WordPress using the elementor plugin and OceanWP theme.
  • #24 Create Your Contact Page
    Learn how to create a contact page in WordPress using the elementor plugin and oceanWP theme.

    Week Six

  • #25 Create a Free Logo For Your Website
    Learn how to create a logo using the free logomakr and upload it to your WordPress website.
  • #26 Add Buttons To OceanWP Theme
    Learn how to add buttons to your OceanWP theme to make it look amazing.
  • #27 Add Button CSS
    Learn how to add a little CSS to your website. This part is extra credit and not necessary at all. Just a little fun to show you the power of WordPress.

    Week Seven

  • #28 Create a Footer Using Elementor & OceanWP
    Learn how to create a responsive footer with OceanWP and Elementor. The flexibility will blow your mind!
  • #29 Logout of WordPress
    And Finally we have made it! Logout of WordPress to see the website how your users will see it. You are done, congrats!