Welcome to Advanced Writing for the Web.

Using a full-featured content management system, students in this advanced class will learn to build sites and create content for a variety of web genres and diverse audiences, and they will enable interactive features for communication such as blogs, forums, podcasting, social networking, and picture galleries. Students will go beyond the composing strategies, usability issues, and search engine optimization strategies used by technical writers that were introduced to them in WRT 351 (the first course in this sequence): they will create websites using the CMS which work better for both users and search engines. Students will also extend their skill with visual rhetoric and document design principles by applying advanced HTML/CSS techniques to the modification of CMS visual themes to address specific rhetorical situations.

[Students] your written assignment WRT451

Dan Royer has sent you a group email from Advanced Writing for the Web.

Hi Class,

I'm not sure what to call our essay--the history paper, the culture
paper, or just the essay. At any rate, just a reminder that it's due
Thursday before class.

For the purpose of handing it in, it should be uploaded to the course
website. But you should also, before too long, upload it and organize it in
your own course website (your course portfolio).